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March 20, 2012
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Roses are red…

't was the end of the season in London, most of the people were packing their bags to go back to their towns, including you. You sat in your hotel room looking out the window, but you weren't packing, infact, you decided to stay a little longer in London. "Hmm.. London is so beautiful" you smiled. You heard someone knocking on the door "Miss ____, there's a letter for you." "A letter?" you thought, you opened up the door and took the letter from the lady. "Thank you, here you go" you gave some money to the lady. "Oh thank you.. but this is too much!" "It's no problem." You smiled "You're a kind hearted woman.." the lady said "I see a beautiful man in the near future.." she smiled and walked away. You closed the door after her. "a beautiful man? Near future? Tss….yea right." You sat down on the bed and looked at the envelope.

To: ms. ____.
Hotel the Black Widow
2819 GS, London.

"Hm.. I wonder from who it is.." you thought and took out the letter. "An invitation?" you frowned and began to read it.

Dear  _____, this is an invitation for the grand gala tonight held by the earl of Phantomhive and me Baroness Barnett.

We expect you at eight o' clock at Crystal Palace.
The gala will end at 12 o' clock.

Kind regards,

Your auntie Angelina.

You smiled, it has been a while since you talked to your aunt Angelina. Even though the two of you weren't blood related, the two of you shared the same kind of tastes. You knew her from the day you were born, after your mother died she took care of you until you were old enough to live on your own. That was 10 years ago, the two of you tried to keep contact with each other. But because of madam Red's busy life as a doctor it was almost impossible to write letters a month.
You looked forward to tonight and smiled brightly "Aunt Angelina!! It's been so long!! No wait.. that doesn't sound good.. hm. Auntie !! How are you doing??? .. no wait that's not good either… uhm.." you jumped up and down excitedly. "Oh!! Wait a minute!! I need to buy a nice dress!!" as soon as you swung the door open rushing out you bumped onto someone. "O-OUCH!!" he fell down on his butt, you fell on top of him. "Argh.. my head.." you rubbed your forehead. "…OH!! SORRY!!" you jumped off the person. "Oh sorry sorry!!" the man looked up at you "Ah! No it's my fault…" he quickly stood up dusting off his coat. "uhm… who are you?" you asked. "Sorry!!" he quickly bowed "I'm Grell Sutcliff.. the butler of the Baroness Angelina Duless-Barnett." He said and looked at you "Are you ms. _____?"
"Yes.. why are you here?" you asked questionably. "I'm here to escort you for today, Madam didn't wanted to let you stroll around in London." He smiled, the truth was: Madam Red didn't wanted him around because he would screw up with everything and attempt suicide in the end like always. "Well, shall we go?" he said smiling holding out his hand to you. "Yes please" you smiled.

The two of you walked through the streets of London. "Where do you want to go to miss ____?"  Grell asked you "oh uhm.. uh.." you thought. "There's no need to rush." He smiled and he rushed over to stop a carriage. "S-Sorry! Can we-." "GET LOST MAN!" the driver said and kicked Grell away. "Mr Sutcliff!!" you hurried over to him. "That…. That PRICK! HOW DOES HE DARE?! TO TREAT A LADY LIKE THAT!?" "… eh?" he blushed "Ah sorry... did I said that out loud?" he stood up and took your arm "Well, if I'm right then you needed a new dress for tonight's gala?" he asked you. "Yes… how do you know that?" "Oh details, details~" he said in a humming tune. "Now I know a perfect boutique, madam Red always buys her dresses there." After few minutes of walking the two of you finally arrived by the store "There it is~" while holding open the door, he blinked at you. "…" you blushed. "A-h..Do I have something on my face?" he looked into the window panicking "No, no.." you laughed. Grell took showed you a few red dresses, but you didn't really liked them. You tried on a yellow, orange, green, black, purple, blue dress… but none of these he liked. "Try red!! It really is a magnificent colour, and I think it'll look perfect on you.." "…" you blushed again, was he trying to hit on you? "Hm.. I'll try" you said and took the dress he chose for you.
After a few minutes you come out of the fitting room. "How do I look?" He stood up smiling brightly "As a beautiful blooming red rose~" he said clapping his hands as if you were an artist who just finished her song. "Now, look this dress it has this corset like form so.." he pushed you a little bit back inside the fitting room and tightened up the laces at the back of the dress. "A-Ah!! T-That's too tight!" you moaned. Grell blushed "S-SORRY!! I Didn't meant to!" you blushed as you saw him blushing. "uhm.. where do you want to go to next?" he asked you. "I don't know…" "It's almost lunch time" he hummed again "do you want to eat something?" "Yes please, I'm starving." At that moment your stomach began to rumble. Grell laughed silently.

Grell again tried to stop a carriage, and it worked. He opened up the door of it and let you in. he sat at the opposite of you looking into your eyes. You looked back in his eyes wondering what he was thinking. "So uhm… you're my auntie's butler?" "…hm. OH.. yes, ahem." He looked away shyly. You smiled in your mind, since this is the first time that you're alone with a handsome man. The carriage stopped and Grell, as clumsy as he is, flew onto your lap. He stared into your eyes and slowly turned 7 shades of red. "…" then he finally realized it. "AH!! IM!! IM SO SORRY!!" he quickly took out a knife and hold it against his chest "THIS IS UNFORGIVEN!! I NEED TO PAY FOR THIS SIN!" wow, just wow… you didn't expected this and before you knew it you were crying. "…" Grell looked at you "w-what is wrong miss ____?" "D-Don't … don't commit suicide.." Grell lowered his knife "…I.. I won't… please don't cry. If madam knows about this.." "just, put that knife away.." you stuttered "…" Out of relief Grell sighed and threw the knife away, it hit a guy who was eating a bacon cheese sandwich. "We're there" he said and hold the door open for you. He helped you stepping out the carriage, you were in front of a fancy restaurant.

"What will you order?" you asked Grell "Me? Oh.. Nothing.. I'm fine" he smiled "I'm a butler to die for, I am not eating under duty." Silently you were disappointed because you couldn't eat lunch with him. Maybe dinner would work out. "I suggest you the mangosteen sundae.. it's not rather what we call lunch, but it's light and it gives you much energy." He smiles, maybe he came here often eating this kind of sundae.. that would explain -his- energy.
After you ordered and ate your lunch, the two of you continued on your trip through London.

A few hours past by and you and Grell were heading to Crystal Palace, a lot of nobles and other high society people were gathered around, you felt a bit like an outsider because the only reason that you are here for is because of auntie Angelina. You looked around, Grell only escorted you to the entrance. "Nice butler… leaving me all alone in this huge place.." you thought a bit disappointed. Then you spotted someone, a long man with pitch black hair. He was looking into your direction and smiled. You tried not to make eye contact, as soon as he walked over to you Grell appeared. "Bassy! Bassy! Se-bas-tian~!!" he said pushing the man teasingly. "Mister Grell…" he glared. "Ahn, stop calling me mister, that makes me feel so old!!" "…" you stared a bit, what the bloody … this was Grell? Right? But, he acted so different?! You didn't get what was going on. "Bassy! Stop flirting with her okay~??" "Ohya.." Sebastian answered and looked at you then back at Grell and smirked "Are you jealous? You want me to flirt with you is that it?" Grell's face, how awkwardly it sounds, didn't smiled, no, he looked pissed off. You didn't saw it and thought that Sebastian was serious about him and Grell being.. together?
You directly turned away and ran into the garden.
"Looks like your Cinderella is running away mister Sutcliff." Sebastian chuckled. "…hm what.. WHA?!" he turned around looking for you "MOH! Bassy!! I'll remember this!" "Don't talk like that. You love her don't you?" Grell blushed even brighter "t-that's none of your business…" he said looking away. "If you love her go for her." Sebastian patted Grell's shoulder. "..A-Are you sure?" "…. Does this face look unsure to you?"  Sebastian pulled the most serious face he could ever make. Grell smiled widely "Okay!! Thank you bassy, but please don't be jealous because I'll spend more time with her from now on!" "..I won't be jealous to begin with.. infact… it sounds like a dream coming true, no more Grell the clumsy butler. It sounds as music in my ea-" "yea yea now please excuse me." He rushed away. Sebastian chuckled and went back into the crowd.

You were in a maze in the garden, it was already a half twelve.  "W-Why.. I-… No, I was stupid again… it's always the same…" you cried by yourself. Stars were shining, filling the black night with it's beauty. Because of the shining stars, the red roses in the maze were visible. You looked at them. "As beautiful as a blooming red rose huh?" you slapped a rose, unfortunate for you, it had thorns. "ouch!!" you looked at your hand, it was brushed with blood. Grell heard you "Miss ____!!" he was outside the maze "…" you kept silent. "Madam ____!!!" he called again, and again, you stayed silent. He got worried and took out.. a chainsaw. "VRRRRNNGGGGGGGG" the sound of his chainsaw cutting through the rose bushes reached your ears. You were scared. What if you made him mad!? You quickly run through the maze as a rat in an experiment you ended up in a dead end. "… oh no.. this is it.." you thought afraid to lose your life. "…miss ____" the chainsaw stopped roaring. You carefully opened up one eye looking through your hands. "…"
There he stood, Grell Sutcliff, butler of the Barnett family. He was holding a bouquet of red blooming roses from the rose bushes that he cut away to reach you.
"In the midst of all these red roses, just as I said before, are you the prettiest." He smiled and kneeled down in front of you. "…w-why..?" you sniffed. He took your hand and kissed your wound. "I'm sorry.. I was just trying to avoid well Bassy from taking you away.. from…. me…" he blushed and so did you. "ms ____" he went closer to your face. You closed your eyes "I have to confess something…" you suddenly heard.
"What is it Grell?" you looked at him, he was standing again in front of you, as soon as the moon appeared from behind the clouds you saw something that you've never had seen before. Grell's chestnut brown hair turned flaming red. It was amazing to see, his once brown eyes turned lime green. He looked, he looked stunning. But his face, it had a slight hint of embarrassment and guilt. "I'm… I'm so sorry… I'm a grim reaper… Don't get me wrong, I didn't do this to trick you and well I am not here to reap your soul I'm just well I understand you if you hate me now but well I just  I I wanted to say that I love you!!" he said blushing looking at the ground.

He looked  at you.
"I love you too Grell.." you smiled "I don't care what or who you are" you walked to him, he smiled gently "as long as I'm with you, I'm happy" you said and wrapped your arms around his neck. In Grell's lime eyes, your face was reflected, exactly as he said, you looked beautiful in the red dress he chose out for you. He began to cry a bit "Di-Did I said something wrong!?" you panicked "N-No, It's just.. Sniff I-I'm so happy now and" he quickly pulled you tightly to him and kissed your lips.
You blushed and kissed him back. Then sound of a glockenspiel sounded, the end of the gala was announced. The two of you smiled and laughed shyly. He peck kissed you over and over again. You never felt this happy in your entire life before, and he knew that.
Sebastian, Madam Red and even Ciel were looking from a distance, they were hiding in a bush. "Eh.. so… when will they stop?" Ciel asked "Give it time my lord.." Sebastian said, he wiped a tear away. Not because he thought it looked romantic, no, he was relieved that Grell found someone to be with. This means: Sebastian was free. "Aw… don't worry Sebastian" Madam Red said and stroke Sebastian's butt. "I'm still free~<3" Sebastian didn't answered. Ciel shuttered.

After the gala the two of you went back to your hotel room to continue your activity and the two of you lived Happy and Red ever after.

-The End-
Grell Sutcliff
Madam Red / Angelina Durless- Barnett
Sebastian Michaelis
Ciel Phantomhive all belong to Yana Toboso and Square Enix

Because people requested a story about Grell x Reader here it is.

I'll take out the English failures out someday, I'm tired now good night.


A guardian angel; undertaker x reader:

Beauty and the Butler; sebastian x reader:
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