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'twas a rainy night, the moon it's light shined down on the foggy streets of London.
'How did I end up here?' you thought when you stumbled through the alleys of the city.
Everywhere you looked, everything looked the same. There was no difference between the streets that you are walking in and the streets that you've passed by. It was silent, too silent for the end of the season. At the end of the dark alley you see a small light burning. As you come closer you see someone standing at the end of the street. A little boy and a fairly tall male. You decided to stay back and hide, you catch some of their conversation.
"Tsk, so you say that this is the address?" "Most certainly, the next victim will be Mary Kelly, her house is a dead end. This is the only entrance."
'..victim...?!' you thought, you began to shake hoping that they didn't notice you.
A loud scream came out of the building, "Sebastian!" the boy yelled, he ran to the house and opened up the door. "My lord, cover your eyes!" the male said. You peered from out your safe corner and saw that there was blood and gore everywhere, a man dressed in black, round glasses, long brown hair was drenched in blood, he came out of apparently Mary Kelly's house. "Just as I thought, mr Grell Sutcliff" the male named Sebastian said. "I- I can explain this! I heard screaming and quickly went into-" "We must believe that? This is a dead end, we were on guard the whole time." The brown haired male named Grell noticed you and sneered, then looked back at Sebastian.
"Ah so I've been discovered, yes it's true, I'm a real actress," he fixed his glasses,
"but I'm not the only one, am I? Sebastian, no, even Sebastian is a mask."
"My lord gave me that name, so until that day, I'm Sebastian."
"Well then, let me reintroduce myself Sebastian, no, Bassy~! My name is Grell Sutcliff, the butler of the Barnett family." Your eyes widen up as you saw that the color of Grell's hair turned crimson red.
You backed away as he looked again at you. Sebastian turned around and narrowed his eyes.
'Oh help! This is bad!' you thought and run away as hard as you could.
From behind you, you heard some noises, a chainsaw and the yelling of Sebastian and the boy. Also one from a female. When you turned around to look if they were chasing after you.

your footsteps echoed into the narrow streets of London. "Splash, splash, splash!" the rain sang that night.
After running for twenty minutes you fall down and pass out in front of a shop.

"My, my, what do we have here...?" You slightly open up your eyes and see a man with silver hair who was dressed in a black tunic. He went over to you. He looked at the light and smiled "Ah~ it looks like I'm going to have a customer tomorrow, heeheehee~.." he helped you up on your feet and lead you into his shop. "...ah..." you stood there a bit shaking and wet from the rain. "Just sit down, anywhere is fine." "...anywhere...?" you mumbled looking at the coffins. 'This place... i-it's scary.....', you sat down on a coffin, it made a creaking sound. "EEH?!?!" you screamed.
"Come on, come on, everything here is dead, they can't make noises anymore." he said grinning, waving his hand and placing a measuring cup filled with tea in front of you. "You want a biscuit?" he asked you holding out a jar with bone shaped cookies. "Yes please..." you said politely, you didn't wanted to look rude and you were starving.
"Say, you aren't really from around here are you?" he asked you with a crooked up smile. "N-no, ... I'm from ____." you watched him as you nibbled on the cookie, it tasted salty. You looked around, even though you didn't saw his eyes, the man was watching you from behind his silver bangs which hang in front of his eyes.

"Ring~!" the doorbell sounded.
"Ah, ah~ I'm coming!" he stood up and walked to the front side of the shop. Sebastian and the boy were standing by a table. You watched them from behind a curtain. 'What are they doing here?' you thought, then you noticed something. The boy had some bloody stains on his shirt.. and his eyes... they were red and puffy... did he cried?
"I want to buy a coffin." the boy said silently. "Ah~ Earl, you finally want to buy one of my coffins?
I told you before to come over so that I can take your size-" "It's not for me!" he yelled annoyed. "It's for.."
"Angelina Barnett." Sebastian said. "Oh, no.. I'm sorry for you earl, my condolences." he said, though his smile remained just as crooked up as before. Sebastian looked in your direction, you knew for sure that these curtains were thick enough, no one would be able to see you through it. 'He doesn't see me, he doesn't see me, he doesn't see me. I'm behind a thick purple curtain and that's it.'
Sadly... your feet were visible from underneath it. But you were too narrow minded and too scared to notice that. "Undertaker, we come back tomorrow. Please make sure the coffin and Madam is prepared." Sebastian went out the shop, the little boy looked around and noticed your feet.
"Whoever you are, don't try to hide, I can see your feet." he said in an annoyed tone.
Undertaker chuckled as he watched you walking, unstably, to him and the earl.
"Why are you following us?" he asked you, he might have seen you earlier by the house.
"I-I'm not, I happened to pass by!" you said, you were afraid for him since he was apparently the master of that Sebastian. "What do you mean by pass by? You're not from around here are you?" he looking away, "I also noticed that, she says she comes from _____." "____? That's far away. How did you end up in London?" he asked you a bit more interested. "Well..."

After a few minutes of talking Sebastian came back.
"Oh ya, who is this?" he asked Undertaker and the boy, but you knew that he wanted you to answer his question.
"My name is ______." "_____?" Sebastian smiled politely, "She is from _____." the boy added,
"My name is Ciel Phantomhive." he said, "and this is my butler Sebastian Michaelis." Ciel said trying to distract you, but you saw Sebastian talking to the undertaker from out the corner of your eye, the words you heard were: "Madam Red, behind, pick up, funeral, roses."
you remained silent. "Ms ____, do you have a place for the night to stay?" Ciel asked you noticing you weren't really paying attention to him or what he had to say. "Hm, oh, no I haven't." you replied.
"Well then ms _____, from now on you'll be my guest." he said looking up at Sebastian, he smiled.
"Sebastian, prepare a carriage, make sure to make ms_____ feels home."
"Yes, my lord." Sebastian replied and walked out of the shop. A few minutes later the earl and you were sitting at the opposite of each other in the carriage.

"So.." he said crossing his arms, the two of you were sitting at a really really large dining table. "how is the dinner?" he asked you. You tried to behave like a lady, but it didn't really worked out that well. Sebastian chuckled at you. "It- it is delicious.." you said as you swallowed the piece of golden brown baked chicken. "I'm glad, we will do everything to make you feel comfortable." Ciel smiled, he looked really kind when he smiled, maybe he wasn't such a pampered kid after all.
Your eyes went over to the butler Sebastian, he was tall and dyed in black. His bloodwine red eyes were starring at the earl for a few seconds, then they focused on yours. You swallowed, '..h-..he's kind of handsome..' you can't help it but to blush slightly, "Ms ____, I was wondering, do you came here to London for business or for your work?" "Oh, no.." you said looking back at Ciel, "I don't have a job, how so?" Ciel smiled, "Do you want to work for me?" "That would be very nice I-" your eyes widen up as you knock your glass with wine over, "Oh no!" but it was too late, the wine was all over your dirty shirt. Ciel hinted to Sebastian, apparently a sign for he began to move over to you to clean up the mess. "I'm deeply sorry that this happened to you." Ciel said while Sebastian tried to get the stains out of your shirt. "It's okay lord Phantomhive" you said. "Sebastian, prepare a dress for her." "What?!" Ciel looked surprised at you. "I-I mean, it's just a stain, it's nothing bad. I mean, I don't want to trouble you all." you said looking at your shirt. Ciel smiled "There is no need to apologize ." Sebastian stood now behind the earl. "Mi lady, please follow me to the guests room." Sebastian said while holding open the door.

He closed the door behind him, "Ms _____, are you experienced in cleaning houses and taking care of the laundry and porcelain? Not that I am going to allow you to directly start with those jobs." he said getting out a spare maid dress out of the closet. "Uhm, I've worked as a maid a few months ago." "Are you experienced in any kind of martial arts?" he asked all of the sudden. "Eh? What is that?" you asked sheepishly. "Can you use weapons?" "What?!" you backed away a bit. "My, so you can only do the chores?" "Why yes, why must I be experienced with weapons or martial arts anyway?" Sebastian's lips formed a smirk "Oh, nothing. Just a few basic questions. We don't allow everyone to become a Phantomhive servant you know. But if you're good in cleaning everything up then you're mostly welcome to serve the earl." he opened up the door, "The end of the hallway at your right hand."
"uh?" you looked at him, "What is there?" you asked. "My room, if you have anymore questions feel free to ask them." he closed the door as he walked away. You stared at the mirror in the room, your cheeks were red. "...Wait a minute... I must work here?!?! With him?!?!" you finally realized it, my, you're really an airhead sometimes, but congratulations. You have become a Phantomhive's servant. Not that it is something to be proud of of course, huhu.

"Well then, you can begin with cleaning the windows, washing the blankets, cleaning the hallway, polish the masters shoes, taking care of the breakfast..." It was early in the morning, you were still half asleep, next to you was a rather tall man with blond hair with a cigarette in his mouth. His name was Bardroi, the chef of the Phantomhive's, next to him was Meyrin, the other maid. At the opposite was Finnian the gardener, he was asleep. "Wait why must I prepare the breakfast? He's a chef" you pointed to Bardroi who nodded in agreement, "That's right! I can cook better than that new girl!" he added, "Wait wha-? I never said I couldn't cook I just-" "He can't cook, yes he can warm up food, but with a temperature of 100 degrees, 10% of what he makes in edible but gives you a great risk on health damage. The other 90% is ashes." You couldn't help but to giggle as you saw Bardroi's expression, his cigarette fell out of his mouth. "Well then everyone get to work." Sebastian clapped his hands and the servants stood up saluting. "Yes sir!" they ran out of the room. "....." you looked at the old man who was sitting on the ground drinking a cup of tea.
"Who is he?" you asked Sebastian, he turned around and looked at the old man. "That is Tanaka the house steward."
"ho, ho, ho." he greeted you while taking a sip of his tea. "Pleased to meet you mr Tanaka." you said and walked out of the room.
Sebastian walked after you, "Uh? mr Sebastian?" "I need to prepare the breakfast for the earl," he said "you prepare the breakfast for the servants. Also I must keep an eye on you since it's your first day." you nodded and the two of you walked into the kitchen. Bardroi was no where to be found. "Seriously, he slacks off lately to take a nap..." Sebastian face palmed.

"What are you making?" Sebastian asked you a few minutes later, he was busy making early morning tea for the earl. Scones, a hard boiled egg, two pieces of toast with a bit of orange lemon marmalade. The scent of tea leaves, earl grey to be exact, was in the air. "Hm?" you looked up, "Oh uh..." you looked down at the table "This is... cornflakes... with... sugar...and milk I'm sorry, I couldn't find other ingredients and this is easy and quick to make." Sebastian looked at it with disbelieve, "I've never heard of such a thing." he took a spoon and scooped up the cornflakes with milk and sugar dripping down. "Hm.. this is actually pretty good." "I've only put sugar and milk to it" you said a bit flattered.
"Well, at least the kitchen isn't burned down." he said with a smile looking into your ____ colored eyes. "Well, I shall take my leave and let you handle the rest." he picked up the tray with the breakfast for the earl and walked away.
"Tsk, that punk is finally gone." Bardroi crawled out of the cupboards. "Hey ____, thanks for not telling him where I was." he said grinning crossing his arms. "You know what newbie? I'm kind enough to teach ya the basics of cooking!" 'oh help...' you thought.

After 20 minutes of Bardroi's "cooking is an art" lesson and 10 minutes of cleaning up the burned down dishes, you walked back to the hallway. "W-WATCH OOOOOUUUUUUTTTT~~!!!!!" you jumped away and saw Meyrin crashing down all the fancy porcelain plates. "I-I AM SO SORRY MS ____!!!" she said trying to find her glasses. "It's okay" you said kneeling next to her and handing over her glasses. "Oh! Are you hurt? I hope you're not!!! I deeply apologize!!" she said panicked. "No, no I'm fine. How are you? You might need new glasses." you suggested. "No! I mean, I can't do that! The earl gave them to me." she said smiling. "Here I shall help you" "You don't have to ms ____," Sebastian stood behind the two of you. "Mr Sebastian?" you asked looking up, "the earl asked me to get you to his office." you stood up and nodded. "Take care Meyrin." you said feeling a bit sorry for the clumsy maid. "I will ms ____!" she said smiling with her cracking voice.

"How are you doing on your first day?" Ciel asked you, "I'm doing well I guess" you said. "Hm" he smiled "I was wondering if you could help me out." you looked at the boy. "With what to be exact?" you asked him. "I need a new design for the Funtom toy company, the bitter rabbit is already becoming unpopular, much bootlegs are appearing lately. I need a fresh, new, excited idea." he stood up and faced the window. "Does it have to be an animal?" you asked.
"It doesn't have to, but if you wish so. What kind of animal do you have in mind? Does it need clothes? accessories?"
"How about a ______, and with a top hat with _____ on top?" you suggested. "Hm.. that doesn't sound that bad." he said with a smile. "You can leave now." he said a bit harsh. 'was this so important to discus about? He might be an earl but he's still a kid. Try to act like your age.' you thought and went back to your chores.

"Tonight's dinner will be _____ soup with _____ as main dish, the desert will be ______ with _____." Sebastian announced. "Hm this is good." Ciel said looking up "Did you made this?" "No, ms _____ prepared tonights dinner." he said with a smile. "Ms _____ I leave the rest up to you." Sebastian said putting his hand on your shoulder, you smiled "You can count on me!" you said then you walked to the earl, unfortunate for you. You were in your happy place and didn't noticed that you pushed the dinner all over him. "What the-?!" Ciel cried out. "Oh, I'm so sorry!!" you said. "It's okay," Ciel said annoyed, but you knew that he was more than only pissed. "My lord, I'm sorry that this happened." Sebastian rushed over. "You go clean this mess up." Ciel said, "It was good though, I was looking forward eating it." he said. Sebastian looked at you, "ms ___ clean this up, after you're finished I expect you in my room. I need to talk about today." he said. 'oh shit... oh shit!!! They're going to slaughter me and use me for tomorrow's breakfast!!!' you panicked and cleaned the whole table.

"Y-You wanted to speak to me mr Sebastian...?" you asked opening the door a bit so you could see him. "Come in, I'm not going to kill you or anything." he said a bit annoyed. You walked in, he closed the door behind you. "So about today, everything went well.. except the dinner." "I'm so sorry!" you said bowing deeply. "Yes you should be, anyway, you're not useless unlike the other servants." he put his finger to his lips as if he was thinking. "But I need to punish you for that accident ms _____." "Eh..?" you looked up, "Do you know anything about what happened yesterday in that house?" he asked you. "n-no..?" "What did you heard yesterday evening?" "Nothing" as soon as you said that Sebastian pushed you against the door, "nothing...?" his knee rubbed against your leg. "n-nothing.." you said turning red, your cheeks heat up and your heart began to beat faster. "I know that you're lying. But since you now work for us you can't escape. Also, I still need to punish you for ruining the earl's dinner. He is still growing and skipping a meal is skipping one millimeter." He put his hand under your chin, poking his thumb and finger into your cheeks so you would open up your mouth. "h~hhhm!!" he began to lick your lips and slipped his tongue into your mouth, "it tastes good your ____ soup, what a waste that you spilled it all over the table." he took off his tie and wrapped it around your hands, he pulled the tie. "S-Stop it!!!" you yelled. "No, this is your punishment." he said coldly "Stop it!" you kicked him with all your might in his crotch. "ARGH!" he let go of you. "Fine woman." he said and looked cold at you, you figured a new things about the Phantomhives, the head is a twelve year old pampered kid, the servants are idiots and the butler is a sadistic pervert. "Leave now." he said, "I will!" you stomped angry out of the room slamming the door shut. You walked to your room and began to cry on your bed. "That bloody jerk!!" you pushed your head into the pillow. After a few hours you fall asleep.

The next day you and Sebastian pretended nothing happened, "____, are you okay?" Meyrin asked you a bit worrying since you didn't ate breakfast at all. "hm.. I'm fine." you said with a fake smile. "Have you seen mr Sebastian this morning?" she asked after a while "no.. I don't believe so" "that's nothing for him, he always have to wake up Bardroi and Finnian, but this morning they overslept and didn't get punished." "what kind of punishment do they get?" you mumbled. "What did you say dear?" she asked you. "Oh nothing." you said and smiled. "How is mr Sebastian if I may ask you?" "Oh he's really nice and cares much for the lord." Meyrin smiled "And he's really really really handsome~!" she began to swoon and blush. "uhm, I see.." you said feeling sorry for the maid.
"You call that cranberry cupcakes?!" Meyrin and you looked up as Sebastian walked out of Ciel's office covered under cream and crumbs and cranberry jelly. Meyrin and you can't help it but to chuckle "Your taste has to be terrible, but you look delicious." you said with a lot of sarcasm in your voice, Meyrin looked a bit shocked and looked at Sebastian, he simply narrowed his eyes. "I-I Go now!!" she quickly and ran away.
"Do you know it better?" Sebastian asked annoyed. "Well maybe I do." you said standing up. "Well then, show me how you do it." Sebastian said as he followed you to the kitchen.

"A bit of sugar, then check if the cranberry jelly marmalade is right." "it tastes sweet...?" Sebastian said after taking a lick from it. "Of course! The earl won't eat sour things right? Even I figured that out. The earl is a sweet tooth." Sebastian looked at you. "Very well noticed," he complimented. "but I don't get it, you only put one spoon of sugar in and you added a little bit salt. Yet this is really sweet. Cranberries are normally sour and fresh but now it tastes sweet and fresh." you smiled "Put love in it." you continued putting the dough into the cupcake forms. "You're kidding me ms ____." "Do I look like I am fooling around?" you said seriously. "No." "Very well then, then I am not kidding you." you were annoyed still thinking about what happened yesterday evening. "Well bring these to the earl." you put down the towel that you used to clean the table. "I'm going back to work." Sebastian nodded and left.

"Woah! You're so good at gardening ms ____!!" Finnian said excited. "Thank you Finny" you smiled "woah! You're really cute when you smile!" "t-thank you" you said blushing. "Ah! Mr Sebastian! Look at the pretty flowers ____ planted today!" Sebastian stood behind you and looked at Finnian. "I see... they're really beautiful." "Almost as beautiful as ____ don't you agree?" Finny joked. You blushed even more. "What do you want?" you asked not looking at the butler.
"I was checking if you two did a good job, I don't see any kind of devastation so I shall take my leave."
Sebastian left again. 'Tsk.. that bloody bastard' you thought. "Is something wrong ms _____?" Finnian asked. "No, no!" you said smiling.

A few days passed by, you sat in your room looking at the rain hitting the your window. "ah.. it's been raining for 2 days now...", since it was vacation you had a day off. Also Meyrin was visiting her cousin, Bardroi went back to his family to take care of his little sister. The only people who were left were: You, Finny, Sebastian, Earl Phantomhive and Tanaka the house steward. "Meow.." you heard. 'huh? A cat? I thought that animals weren't allowed in this estate since Ciel is allergic, especially for cats...' you thought. You decide to walk out to search for the cat. "Why is it wet here?" the whole hallway was wet, it lead to Sebastian's room. You stand in front of the door and peered through the keyhole.
"meow.." Sebastian sat on his bed with two black cats on his lap. "There, there, don't eat so greedy. There's plenty." you looked at the cats. "....they look so cute.." Sebastian looked up. "Who is there?" as soon as you hear that, you backed away falling down on your butt. Foot steps came closer, you ran back to your room and locked the door.

"knock, knock.."
Sebastian knocked on your door. "Ms ____, let me in." "No way! I'm going to tell the earl about the cats!" you screamed. It went silent, then again a knocking sound. "Do you want to pet them?" Sebastian's voice sounded calm yet a bit sad. "....." you stood up and opened up the door. Sebastian looked at you and walked in sitting on your bed. "Well, what are you waiting for? Come here." he said and put the cats on the ground. "This one is Darling, that one is Maria." he said petting them, he smiled, his smile, it was so warm and innocent. "You really like cats" you said after a moment of silence, you kneel down and petted darling's head. She began to purr, "she likes you" Sebastian said. You looked at Darling "prrr meow~" she nudged at your hand. Maria looked jealous and scratched your hand. "Ouch!" "SHH!!" she hissed at Darling. "Maria!" he picked Maria up and poked her nose. Sebastian looked at your hand, "it's bleeding.." he said. "What..Oh.." you looked at your hand. "Let me help." he said and took your hand, he licked off the blood. "Stop that!" you pulled your hand back. "I am just helping you out" he said a bit confused. "..." it was silent again. The sky turned black and the storm became worser. "uhm..." you said looking at your wound, "why would you punish someone like that..?" you asked Sebastian, "how do you mean?" "Well you tried to... yesterday...."
"That's just a normal punishment right..?" he asked you, "Well. No it was rather rude and normal butlers won't do that kind of stuff!" you said a bit angry, you felt your cheeks heating up again. "Oh.. I thought that punishment would suit you." "Don't you punish everyone like that then?!" you said annoyed crossing your arms, it looked rather silly than serious which made Sebastian chuckle. "No, you appear to be a pure innocent soul." he said "I figured out that if I did something like that that it would be a punishment in your eyes, but it turned out that it didn't." "Of course not!....I.. I'm really confused now..." you said and looked away. "Confused..?" he asked you petting Darling and Maria. "I just thought that you were a gentleman and not some kind of rapist." you looked away, you had to laugh a bit. "That is not really what I consider funny..." "I'm sorry.. you really appeared like one though.." you said. Sebastian looked at you, he stroke your ____ colored hair out of your face.

"Good morning ms _____." you opened up your eyes, it was still storming. Two fluffy cats were sleeping on your back, you slept on Sebastian's lap. "W-wha?" you tried to stand up but Sebastian kept you on his lap "Don't move otherwise they'll wake up." he said. "..." you placed your head back down on his lap and looked at the wall, since there wasn't anything else to look at.  "You look much like Maria." Sebastian said after a while. "h-huh?" you answered. "The way you're acting, you know what you want and what you don't. You two also have the same way of sleeping, ...on my lap." you blushed bright red. "I'm very sorry." "There is no need to be sorry" Sebastian said and he began to stroke your hair. "Your ____ colored hair, it is as soft as Darling's fur.." he began to stroke his fingertips along your cheekbones, "and your skin feels like soft kitten pads.. if you're blushing, they also appear to be as pink as kitty pads." he smiled slightly though you couldn't see it. "Mr Sebastian..?" you asked, "Hmm?" he looked down at you. "Aren't you supposed to be with the earl right now?" "The earl is sleeping at this very moment, it's 2 o'clock in the morning." "Wha-?!" Sebastian put his finger on your lips "shh... they are still sleeping.." he picked the cats up and placed them on your bed. "Thank you I-" before you could finish your sentence Sebastian hugged you to him. "w-wha..?!" "I want to apologize to you." he said, he continued to stroke your hear, the only thing that you thought was that he saw you as some kind of giant feline. "It's okay.." you said, you couldn't help but to sniff his neck, he smelled manly, it only made you blush more. "Are you nervous?" he asked you. "What.. uh...? How so?" you asked, your cheeks were crimson red now. "Your heartbeat is out of rhythm, it goes really fast." "o-oh.." you replied. Sebastian sighed happily and then you felt his lips in your neck. "e-eeh?!" you jumped up out of surprise. "oh sorry, did I surprised you?" "you need an answer to that!?" you blushed. "Oh, I'm sorry then." he said putting his arms back next to his body. You were hesitating but then crawled back into his hug. "It's okay... but.. it's getting a kind of confusing..." "how do you mean?" "well.. you're stroking my hair, you're hugging me.. and you kissed my neck... don't do that unless" "unless what?" he stopped hugging and made you look at him, you stared in his bloodwine red eyes "unless you feel something for me!" you said a bit uncomfortable. "..." Sebastian's face was blank, you didn't knew what he was thinking. Then he began to chuckle, "What would I do if I like you?" he asked afterwards. "..uh..." you looked away, then he put his arm around your waist and pulled you closer to him, before you knew it his lips were meeting yours. "hm!!.." your eyes widened "I think something like this..." he said as he took off his lips from yours. "I-I said to not make me confused!" without noticing you licked off your lips. He smiled widely, "how do you mean confused? I like you." 'like me...?' you thought. "Y-You're kidding me!" "Do I look like I am fooling around?" he replied the same words you said before. "...n-no.." you said smiling a little bit. He stood up and carried you onto the bed. "W-Wait! Not so quick! I mean I don't know you that good and I and well! ah!!" you started to panic. "Don't worry I'm not going to do that activity with you yet." you sighed out of relief, but secretly, you wished that you two were going to do that activity. He kissed your lips, passionately, the two of you hugged each other tight after that, you began to feel warmer. "a-ah.. I..." "You..?" "I lo-.." Sebastian smiled and pressed his lips to yours. You pushed him off, he gazed at you. "Is something wrong?" he looked at you, you were sweating, your whole body was red. You leaned forward and put your mouth on the zipper of his pants. "I.. I want that!" you said desperate. He smirked, "Yes my lady." he covered himself and you under the blankets so that the secret of that stormy night would last between only him and you.


BIG ASS STORY :iconsuperw00tplz: I M SO PROUD OF MEH!
Yea don't steal it and blablabla

Sebastian Michaelis Ciel Phantomhive and all the characters from Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler belong to Yana Toboso.

I worked 2 days on it and please don't mind the grammar failures or the spelling I'm going to change that later. orz *dizzy of all the writing.*

I hope you enjoy!


A guardian angel; undertaker x reader:

Roses are red; grell x reader:
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ohohoho! frisky, am i? i would SO enjoy doing that  'activity' with sebastian! oh, how i love it!
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Awesome story nice surprise ending I really enjoyed it
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there isn't.

I was planning to make sequels or part two's for other of my stories but I simply have no time to write nor do I have inspiration to. 
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part 2?? please??
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I'll try but at the moment I have too much on my hands and going on right now. 

v_v I'm very sorry, besides I have no inspiration to write a part 2 yet. I had a draft but  I decided not to do that for it was way too cliché 
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"You leaned forward and put your mouth on the zipper of his pants. "I.. I want that!" you said desperate. He smirked, "Yes my lady." he covered himself and you under the blankets so that the secret of that stormy night would last between only him and you."
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TTuTT I would love to but i tried writing again and I didn't had any inspiration for so far 
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Oh darn lol it's ok but if u ever do get inspiration n write a part 2 lemon let me know if u can :3 Loved the story
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:iconclapplz: Excellent work! :iconsmileplz:
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