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January 2, 2012
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"..." you sighed, your mentor Angelina, or how others call her: Madam Red, had passed away a few days after you arrived in London. You were standing at her funeral. "You were going to teach me so much, you promised that to me.." you kneel down and touched the gravestone "I don't blame you though..." you said, your fingertips stroke the words 'Here lies Angelina Durless-Barnett, may she find rest in the arms of the lord.' you lay down the bouquet of red roses you bought and took your leave.

"My lord, these flowers..."
You heard a voice from behind you, you turned around to look who it was; a tall man in a black coat, black hair and deep brown almost red glowing eyes; next to him stood a small boy, around the age of 12 you guessed, dark blue hair and a sky blue eye, he wore at his right eye an eyepatch. 'Are you family from ms Angelina?' you thought but before you could say something he asked you: "Do you know my aunt?" "Yes, well... she was supposed to be my mentor for this year... you see I come from ____." "That lies in _____, if I am correct?" the man said, "Yes, are you family of ms Angelina?" you stepped closer to them and they stepped closer to you. "Yes, the earl is family of ms Angelina, she was his aunt." "Ah I see... so you are the son of the earl right?" you smiled politely but it fade away as you saw the boy's expression. "No, I'm the earl, earl Phantomhive." he said, he looked at the gravestone. You looked at it as well "I'm sorry for you earl Phantomhive." you said, "There is no need to be.." he looked up, gazing at something, air.

"My lord, it's time to go." the male said. "Ah, pardon my rudeness." he then said to you "My name is Sebastian Michaelis, butler of the Phantomhives estate. This is the earl, Ciel Phantomhive."
Ciel turned towards you "If you'd like to know more about aunt Angelina then feel free to come over." he said with a sad smile. You nodded, accepting the offer.
"Thank you earl Phantomhive." you said and walked away.

You were still walking on the graveyard, it was a big one. You were cussing in your mind, you forgot to ask the way. You knew where the hospital was, but to get from a graveyard to the hospital... that's a different story. Far in the distance you saw something moving, a man with grey hair, though it looked silver in the light of the setting sun. "Eeehehee... I'm done for today.." he said and wiped the sweat of his forehead, you knew that even if you didn't saw his forehead that was hidden behind his silver bangs.
You decided to walk towards the person. "Uhm..." you started "Yeeeesss~?" he looked at you "I just transferred here.. and... I don't know really the way around.." "Oh..? You transferred to here?" he asked you.
"Yes, yes!" he smiled widely "... but you're still alive...or am I wrong?" he chuckled putting his long sleeve infront of his mouth hiding his grin. "............." you stared at him, "oh dear, I'm just joking.. where do you need to go?"
"To London's hospital." "Why so?" "I need to start working." "A doctor?" he asked you surprised. "Well... yes, I'm still learning but I've already helped out with much operations and such... so you can consider me as a doctor I guess."
"Well jump in my undertakermobile" he said smiling and climbing up and handing out his hand to you. "Thank you very much, my name is _____-_____." "Pleased to meet you miss ______~." he said smiling. You sat down in the carriage and no sooner you fell asleep.

"Miss _____, I'm sorry for the delay but the roads are underwater" he said, you woke up and looked around, he was right, it rained hard then you looked at yourself you had a waterproofblanket on you, did he put it on you when you were sleeping? "How long did I sleep?" you asked rubbing your eyes "The whole trip eheehee, I'm impressed.. normally you wouldn't even get the chance to take a nap. That rocky way to the graveyard isn't sure the most relaxing one, only dead men can sleep comfortable while riding to the graveyard." he helped you off the carriage, he was drenched wet. "Well come in, come in, I'll prepare some warm tea." he said and opened up the door for you. "Thank you mister...." "Oh just call me undertaker." he said grinning, he walked to the back of the shop. "Just go ahead and sit somewhere, make yourself comfortable." he called. You look around "....." a bunch of coffins.. much... much coffins.
"There" he said, he had a measuringcup filled with tea in his hands. "Thank you" you took it. "Come, upstairs is the living room, or do you want to try out a coffin?" he chuckled. "I think I'll go to the livingroom..." you said quickly not wanting to be alone in a shop with coffins and most likely dead people.

The living room was bigger than you expected. "Well make yourself at home ms ____." he said, "oh I almost forgot" he gave you a towel "You don't want to catch a cold right? You can go take a shower, there the second door is the bathroom" he smiled and walked over to the fireplace. You opened up the bathroom door and entered in. It was not big and not small, it was normal sized, you grinned as you saw a rubber ducky. After you showered you realized something: You don't have dry clothes. "M-Mister undertaker..?" you knocked on the door. "Yeess??" he asked you at the other side of the door. "I don't have any spare clothes..." "Oh dear, hold on." you heard his footsteps walking away and then coming back, "here you go" he opened the door a bit and stuck his hand inside, it was holding a long black tunic. "Thank you" you said and took the tunic. You put it on and walked out the bathroom with the wet clothes in your arms. "You can put it infront of the fireplace" he said pointing. He went in the bathroom, it was his turn to shower. You sat down and drank you warm tea. You heard from out the bathroom squeeking sounds '...poor mr ducky..' you thought giggling.

"So, what are you studying ms ____?" he asked you, the two of you were sitting on the couch in the living room, "I'm studying for autopsy-" "That sounds interesting~" he said interested "Because you're an undertaker?" you giggled, he chuckled "You could say that.." 'you could say that?' you thought "So how long are you working here?" "Oh, a few years" he smiled. "I see.." you yawned you stood up and wanted to stretch your legs, you tripped over undertaker's legs causing you to fall ontop of him, your eyes widen up in surprise and embarrassment. "Are you ok?" he asked you, first of all, he wasn't like you expected, under his silver bangs he was very young! Around 25 years? You nodded "Y-Yes! S-sorry!!" you wanted to stand up but he didn't let you, he wrapped his arms around your waist, he stared into you _____ eyes. Then he snappd out of it "Oh sorry, you looked familar to someone I know" he said and released you,
you sat back with an amazed expression on your face "I thought that you were really old...." he laughed at your reaction "Eehehheeee!! Why does everyone say that" he rubbed the tears out of his eyes. He stood up and took his hat off putting his bangs out of his sight combing it behind his ears "There, how do I look now?" he was eager to see what your reaction would be.  You blushed slightly "Y-you look.." "I loooooook~?" you blushed even more "You're looking good..." "Why thank you" he said with a chuckle and sat down next to you. Your heart beated fast now you knew what was under his bangs. 'He's sitting so close to me....' you thought.

"Maybe you should rest." he said and stood up walking to a door "Here's my bedroom, you can sleep in my bed. I'll sleep on the ground" he opened a closet and took an old matress out putting it on the ground. "N-No! I can sleep on the matress!" you walked a bit clumsy after him "Oh no need! You're my guest, a living guest it is. I haven't had visitors for a while you know, the only reason people come to me is if they want to buy a coffin, no one really ever comes over to have a chitchat or a sleep over~" he said a bit melancholic, you looked at him in a different light; he's lonely. You nodded and sat on the edge of the bed, the two of you were talking that evening about a lot of things, mostly your interests; anatomy. "Well it's late now.. tomorrow I'll bring you to the hospital" he said, you nodded "Good night ms ____." you looked at him "Good night undertaker." "Call me Adrian." you smiled "Good night Adrian." and you both fell asleep.

'...N-No!! L-Leave me alone!! Help!!!'
"_____?! ____ Wake up!! It's only a dream." You opened up your eyes and saw the worried face of Adrian looking at you, his eyes were glowing green in the dark room. "Sshhh it's only a dream.." he said soothing, you began sobbing. "Shhh,sshhhhhh" he picked you gently up from his bed and placed you next to him "What were you dreaming?" he lit a candle on to look at your face. You were sobbing heavy. "I..I w-was" "shhh take a deep breath and tell me." you nodded and inhale to calm down. "I, I was five.. and there was a man in my house... he killed both my parents.." you said shivering you paused to take breath again. "When I opened up my eyes the man was gone, and my parents were gone.." Adrian looked up, "A person?" he asked, you nodded, "Yes.." you wiped away your tears, without noticing you were holding his shirt tight. "Shhh.. it's ok..." he lay down putting you ontop of his chest. "It's alright, nothing is going to harm you." he said stroking your _____ hair. You looked at him, he was smiling, not smiling like it was funny but a smile because he knew that you calmed down a bit. He closed his eyes slightly and hugged you tighter. "...." you rest your head on his chest and closed your eyes. "Ms ____?"
"Yes..?" you answered without opening your eyes. "I ..... you.." you looked up "...what?" he smiled "oh no, nothing.." he put his hand on your head and blowed the candle out.

You woke up, it was early in the morning it was still a bit dark outside but there were signs of life; dogs were barking, a few womans were gossiping a bit too loud, and you heard the hoofs of horses going down the streets of London. You slightly opened up your eyes looking at Adrian, he was still asleep. You cuddled up to him and closed, Adrian rolled over laying ontop of you. You opened your eyes and stared in his green emerald eyes. "G-Good morning...." he stuttered and went off you. You blushed "good morning..." you felt your heart race again.
"Ahem.. uhm.." he stood up "I'm going to make tea..." he said and walked out of the room. "...." you lay back and sighed a bit of relief, he didn't find out your feelings for him, now you knew it for sure, you're in love. You rubbed your cheek to the pillows '.......he smells good...' you thought, you stood up and walked into the living room. He was already dressed and had the measuring cups on the table "Here you go." he had your dress in his hands "They're dry." he said smiling shyly. "Thank you" you smiled and took the dress walking into the bathroom to change into your clothes.

As promised he took you to the hospital but he stopped halfway, by the graveyard. "What are we doing here?" you asked him. "I need you to show you something" he took out two books. "What are those?" "Those are the cinematic records of your parents.. I'm a reaper." your eyes widen "a r-re.." he nodded "please let me finish..." he said sighing "That time.. I was still a reaper who belonged to the society, the deathgod dispatching society, we take the cinematic records, or what humans call "souls" from a person who is dying to prevent them for being eaten away by a demon." you stared at him in fear, he knew that, his voice was empty. "I wasn't doing that to you because for no reason, they loved you and I know that, before a human dies a reaper needs to observe their cinematic record, I'm different, I observe the lifestyle of the humans a few weeks before they die." He turned to you "After they died I felt sorry for you, so much. I know how it is to lose someone you love, I never knew my parents either, the society took me away." you were silent, looking at the ground, "I never thought that I'd see you ever again.." he said with a shivering tune in his voice, "the day I had to reap your parent's soul, I quitted." you looked up, he looked in your eyes. "I'm so sorry.." he said, "here you can have them." he handed you the two books. "Thank you.." you said looking at the books, you hugged them and put them aside, you walked over to Adrian and hugged him. "W-why are you hugging me...?" he asked you. You didn't answered.

A few hours passed by, you two arrived at the London's Hospital. "Thank you for everything Adrian.." you said smiling with teary eyes hugging the books.
"You're dearest welcome ms _____."
"Call me ______."
Adrian smiled and tapped his hat "Well then _____.." he turned around walking back to his carriage.
"Wait!" you ran after him and hugged his back.
"....?" he turned around to look at you.
"Can I come over sometime?" he smiled, "Of course you can ______" he put his finger under your chin to lift you face up, he kissed you softly, but passionatly.
"I love you." he said and a wide smile appeared on his face.
You blushed and stood there for a few seconds. "I love you too Adrian!" you called.

He smiled and went back to the shop, waiting for you, and only you to visit him again.
Changed the name to Adrian Crevan, since it's more "headcanon"

However I still prefer Eugene Frehre, but since people are more familiar with this "name" I changed it to cause less confusion for some of you.



Undertaker, Sebastian Michaelis, Ciel Phantomhive and Angelina Durless-Barnett / Madam Red are from Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler belong to Yana Toboso.

I'll check the spelling later I have to go now! GOOD NIGHT EVERYONE! 8D

I hope you enjoy!


Beauty and the Butler; Sebastian x Reader:
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